Shoe Shaped Tape Dispenser

Shoe Shaped Tape Dispenser
Shoe Shaped Tape Dispenser

Shoe-shaped Tape Dispenser- Fun for the office, home or as a gift! The dispenser is weighted for stability. Comes with one roll of clear tape.

Shoe Shaped tape dispenser stands upright on flat surfaces to dispense tape. Refillable dispenser resembles a high-heeled Mary Jane shoe and holds regular and super-sized rolls of Scotch Brand Tape (1/2″ or 3/4″ wide tape on a 1″ core up to 1500″ long). The dispenser includes one roll of Scotch Magic Tape 810 (3/4″ x 350″).

About Shoe Shaped Tape Dispenser:-

  • Shoe Tape Dispenser, 3/4″x350″, different shape, matte feel, stylish and beautiful.
  • Sharp blade, practical, labor-saving and worry-free.
  • PP box packaging, intuitive and pressure-proof.
  • Due to the variety of colors, there are no special notes, random delivery.
  • Color: red, dark blue, black, gray, if you need a color note, take a note!
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