Smart Bike Bluetooth Helmet For Cycling

Smart Bike Bluetooth Helmet For Cycling
Smart Bike Bluetooth Helmet For Cycling

Smart Bike Helmet For Cycling - Bluetooth Helmet, Built-in Mic, Bluetooth Speakers, Wireless Turn Signals Tail Lights, SOS Alert, Wireless Bike Helmet,Safe & Comfortable

Smart Bike Bluetooth Helmet – The mobile phone Bluetooth connection helmet automatically picks up the internal music of the mobile phone, so that you can enjoy the music on your boring road.

About Smart Bike Bluetooth Helmet:-

  • Livall Smart Flash Lights- The wireless taillights will give you directions to turn left or right, easily noticed from quite a distance, and informs the vehicles behind you clearly. The helmet adds amazing visibility for autos and other bicyclists making it safe to ride.
  • Walkie – Talkie- Using a built-in windproof microphone and advanced Bluetooth speaker. Even during high-speed cycling, your voice will be crisp and clear (input and output)!. Perfect for enjoying hands- free communication and biking music.
  • SOS Alert- Timely Rescue in Case of Accidents. When the unexpected happens, the helmet emergency signals turn on, and SOS signals sent to your emergency contacts on impact immediately via LIVALL RIDING APP. It is not recommended to wear on rainy days. (or wear with the cover)
  • Smart Bling Jet Controller- With design patent certificates, you can easily pair the helmet easily. And access all functions like answering calls, taking photos, Walkie – talkie communication, control the turn signals, and playing the music.
  • One-year warranty- LIVALL smart bicycle helmet, utility model patent certificate, and design patent certificate. If you have any questions or requests, please contact us directly by email. Size: L:22.83-24.4inch(58-62cm).

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