Smart Keyless Entry Door Lock

Smart Keyless Entry Door Lock
Smart Keyless Entry Door Lock

Smart Keyless Entry Door Lock- TurboLock Keyless Electronic Keypad Entry Door Lock Smart Knob Kit with Automatic Locking, Battery Backup & Easy Installation

Smart Keyless Entry Door Lock, Give your home, office, or personal inventory a boost of protection using the TurboLock YL-99 with a backlit keypad. This easy to use and install smart lock replaces most standard U.S. locks. And is perfect for inner, outer, left hinged, and right hinged doors.

About Smart Keyless Entry Door Lock:-

  • SIMPLE TO USE – Program the keyless door locks with a master code, a standard entry code. And up to 8 user specific codes.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Replaces most standard U.S. front door locks, installs in minutes. And fits both left and right hinged doors.
  • SAFE AUTOMATIC LOCKING –3 seconds after open, the electronic door lock will automatically lock behind you.
  • SMART BATTERY BACKUP –The digital lock equipped with a backup battery port in the event that your batteries run out.
  • YEAR-ROUND DURABILITY – No smart lock is completely water-proof. But our keyless entry lock constructed from weather-ready stainless steel. Rated IP65 dust- and water-resistant to better withstand the elements.

Keyless Entry:

​Program the YL-99 with up to 10 codes: 1 master code, 1 passage code, and 8 user codes that are 6 to 15 digits long. Assign any of the 8 user codes to your friends, family, and others you trust. To temporarily allow in and out access for guests during parties or get-togethers, use the passage code to activate passage mode. Guests need only press any button to unlock the TurboLock.

Code Camouflage:

With a bonus camouflage feature, TurboLock provides the peace of mind you’d want for your family or business. Just enter the first digit of your passcode and then any amount of random digits before finishing the code. Your codes will remain a secret from prying eyes!

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