Smoking Gun Infuser for Food

Smoking Gun Infuser for Food
Smoking Gun Infuser for Food

The Smoking Gun Pro- Smoke Infuser Adds Real Wood Smoked Flavor to Food & Drink

The Smoking Gun Infuser for Food produces cold smoke. Which allows it to use for any kind of food or liquid. As a flexible hand-held device, it is easy to use for infusion. Or finishing with a variety of smoky flavors and aromas. Your selection of combustibles including various wood chips, teas, herbs, spices, hay, and even dried flowers limited only by your imagination.

About Smoking Gun Infuser for Food:

  • The smoking gun handheld Pro food smoker for adding natural smoke flavor and aroma to meat, fish, vegetables, desserts, beverages, and cocktails easily.
  • Includes smoke gun, nozzle extender hose, batteries, replacement smoke screens, Instructions, and sample wood chips (1/2-ounce each apple and hickory).
  • Cold smoker for professional or home chefs and mixologists; easy-turn dial customizes airflow and smoke intensity (from 5.3 to 15.1 meters per second).
  • Integrated stand for Comfort; 17.5-Inch extender hose for precision smoke placement; detachable burn chamber and smoking barrel are dishwasher safe.

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