Solar System Wall Decor

Solar System Wall Decor
Solar System Wall Decor

Solar System Planet Wall Decorations Gift For Kids Bedroom -Outer Space Happy Birthday Banner for Children-Kindergarten Classroom Hanging Wall art- Kids Bedroom Wall Decor-Homeschool Curriculum Planets Wall art

Solar System Wall Decor: All the Planets have been included. It will be perfect for astronaut party decorations, rocket birthday, planets part, Outerspace decorations, space party banner, space ship party supplies, space birthday party decorations. Its fun way to a classroom solar system educational purpose. Ideal for a science project.

About Solar System Wall Decor:-

  • HOW DO YOU ORGANIZE A SPACE PARTY PARTY? YOU PLANET! – Jokes Apart, We bring you these Outer Space themed Solar System Wall art to decorate your Space(Get it? Space xD). This cute little Party decoration consists of Sun and all Eight Planets namely Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. They give off their own facial expressions and has their own name written at the bottom. Space party wall banner surely going to be a treat to your special occasion
  • QUALITY AND DIMENSION – All 9 piecess made of Premium quality Single side Felt. Each piece’s size is 7 inc X 7inc and can easily hung up on the wall and will last for months to come.
  • INTENDED USE – This can bee used for special occasions like Birthday parties as wall banner and also for regular decorations like Kids Bedroom wall decor, Nursery, and Kindergarten, Homeschool Children School wall decor, etc
  • READY TO USE – Fully assembled kit ready to hang in on wall so no need for extra work!
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