Sophia’s Doll Travel Play Set

Sophia’s Doll Travel Play Set
Sophia’s Doll Travel Play Set

Sophia's Doll Travel Play Set - Seven Piece Doll Accessory Luggage Set for Your Favorite American Doll & More! Complete Doll Suitcase Travel Accessory Set

Sophia’s Doll Travel Play Set, Extend your child’s play period with our wide variety of items that cater to the young child who wants to care and nurture her doll to the older child or collector who loves to dress and stylize. Our unique products create a wholesome and imaginative play for years to come!

About Sophia’s Doll Travel Play Set:-

  • 7 piece set- 7 piece doll travel Playset
  • Included- plastic wheeled suitcase, owl neck pillow, owl eye mask, owl luggage tag, passport, water bottle, and mini-tablet
  • Features- polka dot suitcase measures 4.75 x 7 x 3 inches | suitcase has an elastic pouch inside to store your doll’s important belongings | easily store the whole set inside the suitcase! | comes in decorative packaging
  • For 18 inch dolls- Sophia’s products are compatible with American girl dolls, My Life As dolls, our Generation dolls and more!
  • Doll, clothing, and shoes not included. 2019 Sophia- all right reserved. Not affiliated with an American girl, rag. Trademark of American Girl, LLC.
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High-Quality Satisfaction for the Gift Giver and Receiver!

Sophia’s manufactures everything a child needs for their favorite 18-inch doll. Our line includes soft-bodied or all vinyl dolls, doll clothing, shoes, accessories, sophisticated playsets, and furniture. The collection provides modern trends for the youngest shopper, plus classic styles appealing to the mother who remembers playing with her own dolls and can be passed down from generation to generation. Play with dolls is an important part of child development while teaching social skills, imagination, and language. During a time when society is consumed by electronics and screen time, dolls introduce the traditional, open-ended play. Sophia’s products are compatible with many dolls including American Girl, Our Generation, My Life As, Gotz, Madame Alexander and more! Sophia’s manufacturing capabilities and styles provide standard quality and satisfaction for the gift giver and receiver.

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