Spiral LED Table Lamp

Spiral LED Table Lamp
Spiral LED Table Lamp

Spiral LED Table Lamp, Curved LED Desk Lamp, Contemporary Minimalist Lighting Design, Cool White Light, Stepless Dimmable Light

The Spiral LED Table Lamp has a color temperature of 6,000 Kelvin. The brightness range is from 100 to 550 Lumens, best Choice for any kind of casual, contemporary, or meditative environment. ATTENTION: The maximum brightness of this lamp is bright enough to read by.

About Spiral LED Table Lamp:

  • DECORATION- Standing nearly 14 inches tall and 8.3 inches in diameter. It is not only a lamp. But also a decoration that adorns desk, shelf, stand and any furniture with its stylish design. ATTENTION: The dimensions of each lamp may slightly differ due to the production process.
  • PLUG & PLAY SIMPLICITY- There are virtually zero assemblies required for this dimmable lamp. Simply remove the packaging, attach the wire to the UL Listed power adapter, plug into an outlet, tap the switch to turn on, hold the switch to adjust the brightness steplessly, tap the switch again to turn off. Thanks to the 13-watt built-in LED fixture, this modern shape lamp will save on your electric bill. It uses very little power and will never need any replacement.
 Curved LED Desk Lamp

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