Stuffed Magnetic Hannah Owl

Stuffed Magnetic Hannah Owl
Stuffed Magnetic Hannah Owl

Stuffed Magnetic Hannah Owl:- Hannah owl is a White snowy Owl with buttery soft fur and an orange satin gem. You can stick her parts to your fridge, or combine her parts with other Antimodels to make your own creation! Comes with a collectors booklet that tells the story of story tale forest and includes bios of the Antimodels who live there.

About Anti models: Anti models are soft, fully magnetic, and lovable STEM building toys that provide endless fun and enable kids to see themselves as little makers. Within each animal a unique element of surprise – strong rare earth magnets – designed to provide mix-and-match fun for young animal lovers! These magnets make all Anti models’ parts fully interchangeable and rotatable, so little ones can make their own cuddly creations by combining any of the 6 story tale forest and 6 wild jungle characters!

Anti models launched on Kickstarter in late 2017 by a team of veteran artists and designers from Silicon Valley. Made from high-quality, cuddly plush material. Surface-washable for easy cleaning. Keep away from children under 3, dogs, and all pets. Anti models intended for children ages 3+ but tested for and exceeded the appropriate ASTM F963 safety standards for children.

About Stuffed Magnetic Hannah Owl:-

  • Hannah owl composed of 6 interchangeable magnetic plush parts: head, torso, 2 Wings, and 2 legs
  • Made with 11 very strong Neodymium magnets with enough strength to rotate on all joints and stick to any magnetic object like refrigerator doors
  • Head swaps between a “seated” and “on all fours” position with a magnet on the back
  • Magnets contained safely inside Three layers of material in each plush Part
  • Compatible with all Anti models for mix and match fun
  • Made from high-quality, cuddly plush material; surface washable; Ages 3+
  • 7. 5″ Height (19 cm)
  • Includes collectors booklet

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