Superhero Sleeping Eye Mask

Superhero Sleeping Eye Mask
Superhero Sleeping Eye Mask

Superhero Eye Mask for Sleeping for Men and Women - 3D Contoured Shape for No Pressure on The Eyes Lightweight and Comfortable Made of Memory Foam with Adjustable Straps Blindfold Design

Superhero sleeping eye mask has a superhero-inspired the bat-shaped design and versatile black color. It is a 3D eye mask for sleeping as it has a contoured shape for the eyes and nose. There are some cavities at the eye mask level. so the user doesn’t feel any type of pressure and discomfort that could alter his sleep quality. Moreover, these hollow cavities for the eyes also ensure that eye makeup is not ruine after you wear the eye mask. Finally, the sleeping mask made of memory foam material, which is breath, soft and skin-friend. As mentioned before, the 3D contour shape is not only for the eyes but for the nose too. The eye mask covers the nose and has a nose bridge shape. It is open in the nostrils area so you can comfortably breathe and don’t feel claustrophobic.

The superhero sleeping eye mask easily adapts to your nose contour in order to provide around 99% darkness for better sleep, even during the daytime. It blocks the light out so you can enjoy a deep and restful sleep no matter where you are. Besides being skin-friendly and comfortable, the memory foam material always bounces back to recover its original shape. The elastic strap to adjust the mask to your head uses a tiny glossy Velcro particle that allows your hair to get caught up on it. To help you sleep better LANGRIA presents you with this black 3D eye mask with an original bat shape inspired on DC comic superheroes. The sleep mask will perfectly block out all the light to reach a deep and restful sleep. Have a look at its awesome features below.

About Superhero Eye Mask for Sleeping for Men and Women:-

  • ORIGINAL 3D EYE MASK SHAPE- Exclusive private model production. Superhero bat-shaped design featuring eye cavities for zero pressure on the eyes as well a nose contoured shape; it will not smudge eye makeup
  • SLEEP IN THE DARKNESS- with its contoured nose shape. The sleep mask fits over your nose seamlessly to prevent light from bothering you
  • BREATHABLE MATERIAL- Made of soft, odor-free and skin-friendly memory foam material; it always bounces back to its original shape
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE- an elastic Velcro strap made of tiny particles allows you to secure. The mask to your head size and it doesn’t get your hair caught in it
  • RESTFUL SLEEP- enjoy a deep sleep with this 3D sleep mask in your bed. Or when traveling by plane, car, train or bus; the mask is not suitable for kids
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