Swimming Pool Brush for Walls Tiles and Floors

Swimming Pool Brush for Walls Tiles and Floors
Swimming Pool Brush for Walls Tiles and Floors

Swimming Pool Brush for Walls Tiles and Floors- 18" Polished Aluminum Back Cleaning Brush Head Designed for Cleans Walls, Tiles & Floors, Nylon Bristles Pool Brush Head with EZ Clips

Swimming pool cleaning brush for Walls with a sturdy aluminum reinforced aluminum backed body and a handle for maximum strength and durability. Pole not included. Clean all areas of your pool’s walls, floors, steps, and corners.

About Swimming Pool Brush for Walls Tiles and Floors:-

  • Premium Quality & Multi-scene use- Lalapool 18″ Aluminium Swimming Pool Cleaning Brush is made of high-quality aluminum and ABS plastic for maximum strength and durability, and high-density nylon plastic brush, not damage the pool.Perfect choice for cleaning wall and tile of pool, home & hotel, it also suitable for scrubbing the bathroom floor, raking leaves off roofs
  • Flexible & Strong- Designed with poly bristles to help reach the toughest corners, metal backing provides enough strength to thoroughly clean pool walls.
  • Wide Sweep Area- Measuring 18″ wide, the Wall Brush Deluxe provides a large sweep area for quicker cleaning. Curved edges allow for brushing along corners. Fits standard extension pool poles.
  • Easy To Use- 18″ deluxe wall brush, it is compatible with most standard pool poles. With EZ Clips simply connect to telephone or pole and get brushing right away.
  • Guarantee- lalapool offers premium products for your pool while exceeding the highest industry standards and offering impeccable customer care. With a lifetime guarantee, if you’d like your money back at any time, just ask.

Features of this pool brush:

  1. Heavy duty aluminum back and handle,fortified,Durable and lightweight.
  2. 18 inches wide ,combination of Nylon and wire bristles,clean your pool more effectively.
  3. Fits standard pool poles.
  4. Curved edges , more excellent cleaning performance on pool corner.

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