Teabloom Stovetop Safe Glass Teapot with Bamboo Lid

Teabloom Stovetop Safe Glass Teapot with Bamboo Lid
Teabloom Stovetop Safe Glass Teapot with Bamboo Lid

This clear teapot is just as strong and durable as it is beautiful. Made from sturdy borosilicate glass that resists breaking, cracking, scratching and shattering - you’ll still be enjoying delicious cups of tea poured from this pot many years from now.

Teabloom Stovetop Safe Glass Teapot with Bamboo Lid Teabloom’s Bamboo Timeless Moments Teapot symbolizes everything Bamboo is meant to signify. While Tea is the most consumed beverage in the Orient, Bamboo is the most popular plant. It represents tranquility and personifies simplicity. Bamboo produces neither flowers nor fruit but is the perfect balance of grace and strength.

About Teabloom Stovetop Safe Glass Teapot with Bamboo Lid:-

  • BAMBOO TEAPOT & TEA FLOWERS – THE PERFECT YIN & YANG: Extra thick, durable borosilicate glass makes the ideal 40-ounce tea kettle. Or teapot for your favorite loose-leaf or bagged tea, but it truly makes viewing flowering teas a special event.
  • BAMBOO TRIVET/COASTER. Place the teapot on the large bamboo trivet engraved with the message “Timeless Moments’ for a beautiful presentation on table.
  • REMOVABLE METAL STRAINER- The uniquely shaped stainless steel strainer fits perfectly inside the teapot’s spout. So it catches all those loose tea leaves or fruit slices and keeps them from going into your teacup or glass. Works great for infused waters. The natural look of bamboo gives this teapot an earthy appeal that blends seamlessly with your favorite decor. This teapot takes its inspiration from the Orient where bamboo thrives and tea time given special significance.
  • TWO GOURMET BLOOMING TEAS INCLUDED- This 40 oz. crystal clear tea kettle. The best way to witness the dramatic unfolding of one of Teabloom’s signature blooming tea flowers. Hand-tied by tea artisans, flowering tea pods are this teapot’s perfect complement.
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