The Original Sliding Webcam Cover

The Original Sliding Webcam Cover
The Original Sliding Webcam Cover

The Original Sliding Webcam Cover- C-Slide 1.0 Black Laptop Privacy Cover, Thin Cam Cover 1.5” x 0.5” and 1.5mm Thick, Stalker Blocker for Laptops, Chromebooks & More

The Original Sliding Webcam Cover, Webcams have become one of several battlegrounds for people trying to protect their privacy. With numerous reported cases of hackers, manufacturers. And government organizations gaining unauthorized access to people’s webcams and device cameras. There is no valid reason not to protect yourself, and the great news is it is so easy.

About The Original Sliding Webcam Cover:-

  • LAPTOP CAMERA COVER 💻 C-Slide 1.0 The Original Webcam Cover blocks your computer or laptop’s camera to prevent webcam spying. And keep your family safe.
  • THIN SLIDING CAM COVER 💻 The 1.0 sliding webcam cover measures 1.5” long .5” high. And comes in at a super-thin 1mm thickness so your laptop closes with ease.
  • EASY TO INSTALL 📷 C-Slide 1.0 laptop webcam cover installs with 3 quick. And easy steps: 1: Remove the 3M Adhesive tape tabs 2: position over webcam then press firmly for a few seconds 3. Simply slide left or right to open.
  • NO SCRATCH DESIGN 📷 C-Slide Webcam Security Covers are made from durable high-grade plastic and are designed to slide open. And close without harming your camera lens.
  • PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY 📷 Now They See You…After They Won’t. C-Slide 1.0 webcam cover will protect you and your family’s privacy.

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