Titanium Gua Sha Deluxe Massage Tool

Titanium Gua Sha Deluxe Massage Tool
Titanium Gua Sha Deluxe Massage Tool

Titanium Gua Sha Deluxe Massage Tool - For Trigger Point, Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapy, IASTM, Graston, Muscle Scraping, & Myofascial Release

Do your aching muscles need relief? Are you hoping to smooth & tighten your face? Are you in need of a professional Titanium Deluxe Massage Tool to help with back and neck pain?

Try our uniquely designed – Facial Roller & Muscle Scraper & Trigger Point Tool. Made from a high-quality titanium alloy that fits extremely well in your hand and is easy to use. The tool is recommended for both home & professional use.

WHEN USED ON BODY- the massage tool may help relax muscles and release built-up stress, and breakup scar tissue. Works on larger areas such as legs, back, neck, shoulder, and arms. Also effective on delicate areas such as sinus area, face, and feet. Basically, anywhere that you need pampering or pain relief!

WHEN USED ON FACE- our tool may help increase circulation in the face that will result in a nice healthy glow and over time may also increase collagen production to assist in smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines and sagging skin.

About Titanium Gua Sha Deluxe Massage Tool:

  • MULTIPURPOSE USES — We have combined the design of a guasha scraping tool used for soft tissue massage and a facial roller into one convenient tool. The tool can be used on the face to lift, tighten and smooth, ease under-eye puffiness AND it can also be used on the body to help with relieving tension and muscle adhesions.
  • BENEFITS — It has several contoured smooth edges that will fit several parts of the body PLUS a roller for more delicate areas of the face or body. The roller is perfect for working out trigger points and muscle knots. The scrapping tool edges may help carve out jawline, help with soft tissue mobilization, flattening out scar tissue. And myofascial release on the body.
  • HIGH QUALITY & UNBREAKABLE– The tool instrument about 2 x 6 inches (on the longest sides) and made from a smooth titanium metal that will glide on the skin when used. It is comfortable to hold, has beveled edges and weighs about 5 ounces. Beautifully engraved with our “MorePrana” logo and comes with a velvet gift bag & an instruction booklet.
  • EASY TO USE — The handheld tool comfortable & can used with or without oil. No oil included with purchase but many people find using oil to lubricate the skin beneficial in moisturizing the area and helps the tool glide over the surface of skin easier. The instruction guide will show diagrams of recommended usage on body parts and face.
Deluxe Massage Tool
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