Toddler Potty Training Projector

Toddler Potty Training Projector
Toddler Potty Training Projector

Toddler Potty Training Projector-This light up toilet target for boys has an efficient dual mechanism with not only projects images to toilet train your child but also serves as a night light when the ids have to go to the toilet in night hours. The motion sensor night projector automatically turns on the light upon motion detection.

Toddler Potty Training Projector Are you going through the rough patch of toilet training stage of your child? Tired of the constant mess your child makes every time after going to the toilet?
Get this Toddler Potty Training Projector to end all your worries.

About Toddler Potty Training Projector:-

  • Funny Training: This toddler target potty training light device is a fun way to toilet train your child. The potty training light device has 4 different images that help to attract the child’s attention towards the toilet seat target and prevents urinal toilet mess.
  • Early Development: This toddler potty training device is a very helpful way to develop this healthy habit in your children. The toilet light projector helps to promote independent learning in toddlers and they learn to use the toilet at their own without anyone’s help.
  • Non-Toxic and Safe to Use: Made from non-toxic plastic, this night light projector is safe to be used with the children. This toilet target for boys is not harmful to your child in any way.
  • Night Mode Light: The light-up toilet target for boys have a dual function system. This night projector not only helps in developing toilet training skills in your child. But also serves as a night light when your child goes to use the washroom in the night hours.
  • Motion Detector: The toddler target potty training device has a motion-activated night light. The toilet target light to sense the motion and turns on the night light automatically.
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