Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Can Opener for Bottle

Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Can Opener for Bottle
Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Can Opener for Bottle

Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Can Opener for Bottle- Can Opener Manual No-Trouble-Lid-Lift | Best Can Opener Smooth Edge | Ultra Sharp & Safe 4in1 Stainless Steel Can Opener for Bottle/Tin - Ergonomic Long Handle Ideal for Seniors with Arthritis

Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Can Opener for Bottle, Get sick of lifting the dropped lid off by your fingers every time you open a can? Don’t you want to see your dirty fingers anymore? Oh, come on!You definitely need this fantastic No-Trouble-Lid-Lift magnetic can opener handheld!

About Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Can Opener for Bottle:-

  • Strong Magnet, Hands-free Lid Lift- After testing, we found that a black magnet weak that can’t hold the lid firmly. So silver magnet is here to meet your needs. It is strong enough to help you lift the lid off within one try, even strong enough to stick onto the fridge. Never afraid that the lid will cut your fingers or make your fingers dirty. Just buy it and open cans with ease!
  • Double Safe Design, Smooth Edge & Blade Cover- First, features an ultra-sharp stainless steel blade that can make a very smooth turn and cut the lid within 10 seconds without leaving jagged edge or metal shavings. What’s more, features a protective blade cover that can be manually installed and remove. It aims to prevent you from hurting by the sharp blade. You can remove it or put it back on according to your needs.
  • Ergonomic Handles, Light But Sturdy- Features a ZERO resistance crank handle which makes a turn very easily without much effort. It’s curved that perfectly fits your fingers. The grab handles are long enough to give you a little leverage in making the initial puncture of a can. The wave-shape design makes it never slip even if your hand is wet or oiled. Good for women and seniors with arthritis.
  • 4 in 1 Multifunction, BONUS a Bottle Opener- Are you looking for a multi-functional can opener? There it is! This one is not just a can opener, but a bonus a bottle opener, a lever and serves as an easy-to-store tool that can stick onto the fridge. Buy one only, you can get “four”. Designed by Weetiee, works like a charm, just add it to cart now!
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