Under Desk Leg Swing for Home

Under Desk Leg Swing for Home
Under Desk Leg Swing for Home

Under Desk Leg Swing for Home -Sitting Exercise for Weight Loss, Increased Circulation, Burning Calories

Under Desk Leg Swing for Home, The Mayo Clinic claims that sitting for prolonged periods of time without movement increases your risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Studies have shown that even working out 3x a week does not offset the damage to the body. The only solution is the Constant Movement.

About Under Desk Leg Swing for Home:-

  • EXERCISE WHILE SITTING – Designed to bring the benefits of exercise to sitting, improve posture, and increase circulation
  • BURN CALORIES – While you sit at work or at home. Certified to burn 20% more than static sitting.
  • INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY – Scientifically proven to increase productivity and causes no distractions. Perfect for schools.
  • CERTIFIED & PATENTED – NEAT Certified by the Mayo Clinic; University of Illinois Chicago; Tokai University Japan. US and Japan Patents.
  • DESK MOUNT INSTALLATION – For the SitFlow + Desk Mount to be compatible, a wooden desk that is at least 1 inch thick is required. Drilling to install the mount required. If you have a glass/metal desk or keyboard tray, please choose the HOVR Floor Stand model.
Desk Leg Swing for Home

Better than Standing Desks: compared to standing desks, the SitFlow allows you to gain more without being restricted to just the act of standing. Sure, standing desks improves calorie burn; however, these would not keep you from being idle. In fact, standing desks can cause problems to your spine if you aren’t standing upright. Not to mention you might even slouch. With SitFlow, your back remains steady while your feet and legs keep you moving.

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