Universal Car Headrest Hanger Hooks

Universal Car Headrest Hanger Hooks
Universal Car Headrest Hanger Hooks

Universal Car Headrest Hanger Hooks- Premium Car Seat Hangers Holders for Purse Bag with Locker Set of 2

Universal Car Headrest Hanger Hooks– Are you tired of your purse always on the floor in your car? Do passengers have to share the leg space with your purse? Have to hit the brakes and your purse goes flying? Well say no more to that, with MyTidyCar’s Car Headrest Hanger Hooks, you can now use your headrest to good work.

About Universal Car Headrest Hanger Hooks:-

  • CONVENIENT – Suitable for hanging clothes, wallet, handbag, baby bag, shopping bag, plastic bag, luggage, umbrella, etc. Just snap them on and hook up whatever you need to hang.
  • AWESOME DESIGN – Car Headrest Hanger Hooks keep shopping bags from rolling around the floor, spilling their contents. Eliminates blocked vision caused by hanging clothing in the rearview window.
  • SUPER DURABLE – Car Headrest Hanger Hooks have a max allowed weight o18lbs per hook! Perfect to hang your bags, keeping them clean and within reach. Hooks are ideal for keeping your floor and backseats free from unnecessary clutter. Made from high-quality ABS and silicon rubber, durable and environmentally friendly.
  • EASY INSTALL – Car Headrest Hanger Hooks upgraded side opening design for easy and fast installation, no need to disassemble the headrest. Easy to remove if needed to use in another vehicle.
  • PERFECT FOR STORING BAGS: Your bag will be much cleaner and interior space will be much larger if you use this in your car. Yes, this hook will surely guarantee the clean and tidy of your bag and car, it saves much space for your car.

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