Valet Tray With Wireless Charging Station

Valet Tray With Wireless Charging Station
Valet Tray With Wireless Charging Station

Valet Tray With Wireless Charging Station- Valet Tray Nightstand Organizer with Spacious Wireless Charging Station for Smart Devices and Catchall Tray for Keys, Cash, Coins, Watches, Credit Cards

A new leatherette valet tray with a wireless charging station compartment is a classic addition to your bedside dresser table. We proudly bring all hi-tech enthusiasts and consumers a valet tray that can hold large Android. And Apple smartphones, watches, tablets and other digital devices for fast, wireless charging.

About Valet Tray With Wireless Charging Station:-

  • Wireless valet with leather exterior and velvet interiors designed to keep your daily life perfectly organized with 2 charging notches in the upper. And lower part of the Extra Large Compartment for Smartphones and electronic devices.
  • The discreet design includes a lid to keep sensitive items safe and out of view. This is the perfect organizer for today’s classic man to store pens, coins. Watches, pens, cash receipts, cufflinks, wallets, small shoe horns, jewelry, sunglasses, & cash.
  • Wireless valet box boasts 4 compartments; a large charging station for wireless charging of iPhone, Apple Watch, Android and Apple devices. And a 3-part Catch-all tray for storage of money, clips, credit cards and so forth.
  • Perfect organizer square valet for keeping your desktops, office tables, closets. Bedside dressers, and living spaces well organized for fast and easy retrieval.
  • Minimalist Design: The thin 11.8″ x 11″ x 1.8″ design of the men’s organizer tray valet for jewelry means. That the charging valet can sit on your tables and desks without taking up much space.

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