Wall Mount Tablet Enclosure

Wall Mount Tablet Enclosure
Wall Mount Tablet Enclosure

Wall Mount Tablet Enclosure For iPad - A Poort wall mount enclosure neatly installs ANY 9.7" generation iPad or 10" Surface Go as a streaming and access Hub.

Wall Mount Tablet Enclosure, Not just a stand or holder, a Poort device is always charged, easily dismounted and cleaned, fully portable. In Charcoal (black) or Chalk (white) to match any decor.

About Wall Mount Tablet Enclosure:-

  • Hang any 9.7″ tablet over the kitchen or work counters to add HD video, Web TV and a videophone/camera to home networks. A Poort completes your home network.
  • Portable to any room or your cottage, boat, work sites. Its elegant design does not take up counter space and is easy to wipe clean. The enclosure protects the tablet and allows it to use as a charging platform for cellphones.
  • Damage-free hanging – NO HOLES CUT in backsplashes, hangs from one or two screws! Fully conceals the outlet, no ugly power cable. Charging cables also tucked inside. Has its own strong audio for video streaming, movies, videophone conversations. It can use on a flat surface such as coffee tables or desks, workbenches, with an angled screen for optimal viewing. It uses just 5V and 10 Watts.
  • A portable controller and instrument box. Claims no counter space and is always fully charge for immediate and continuing use. Your kit comes with a 2.1A dual port cube charger that tucks inside the enclosure. Assembles in minutes with one screwdriver, just insert the two provided screws into your tile grouting, if required, and hang it securely – rubber pads are in each corner and holding firm the tablet. It can be dismount from the wall or backsplash in seconds by simply lifting it off.
Wall Mount Chalk White
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