Water Bottle With Filter For Travel

Water Bottle With Filter For Travel
Water Bottle With Filter For Travel

Best Filtered Water Bottle for Travel and Outdoor- SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle BPA Free with 4-Stage Intergrated Filter Straw for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking and Travel.

Water bottle with filter for travel Best Filtered Water Bottle for Travel and Outdoor, Hiking essentials. Drink water straight from the nearest stream, puddle, or pond. You don’t need to take heavy and clean water anymore. If you take the SurviMate water filter bottle with your hiking. Having a survival water filter bottle on hand allows access to clean. Safe drinking water in the event of a natural disaster or survival situation. When disaster hits, municipal water systems are the first to go down. Whether your passion takes you into the high alpine forests.

Fly fishing on a gentle stream or just on a hike in your nearest state park. SurviMate makes safe, clean water easy. Water bottle with filter for travel Municipal water quality may contaminate with chemicals, chlorine, or microplastics. Survival water filter bottle allows you to drink safely from water fountains at parks, airports, at school. It is normal and harmless that there is a slight plastic odor when first use. Just rinse the filter with a few ounces of water before using, then the odor will disappear. Ergonomic design and handy carabiner– you can easily slip it in your bag or attach it. It to your belt thanks to its lightweight & portable construction and robust carabiner clip!

About Best Filtered Water Bottle for Travel and Outdoor:-

  • Advanced Filtration System- Survimate filter bottles have 4 advanced high-performance. Filters install, they are Medical Grade Hollow Fiber UF Membrane, Coconut Shell activate Carbon, Beads and Medical Grade PP Cotton. Unlike traditional filters, Survimate protects you from harmful chemicals and heavy metals along with protozoa.
  • Safe Like Baby Bottle- Survimate Bottles made from Food Grade Tritan Copolyester. Without any bad smell, it’s BPA-free, FDA-approve, heat-resisting and extremely durable.
  • Long Lifespan & Replaceable- No need to worry about replacing filters for up to 1500L/year of continuous usage. Replaceable filters save you money as the water bottles themselves have a very long life. (According to different water quality, the lifespan of the filter would be a little different.)
  • Ultimate Wilderness Survival Assistant- This versatile water bottle not only helps to provide healthy. Drinkable water in harsh outdoor conditions but will help you to find direction using the built-in compass on the top.
  • Instant Fresh Water- Just fill up the bottle and drink. Nothing could be simpler – no pumps or hoses, no squeezing, no batteries or bulbs, and absolutely no chemicals! Only sip 5 to 8 times to get clean water.

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