Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm for Home Security

Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm for Home Security
Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm for Home Security

Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm for Home Security - Motion Detector with 36 Tunes and 5 Adjustable Volumes, Door Sensor for Home Security with LED Indicators, 2 PIR Motion Sensors and 1 Plug-in Receiver

Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm for Home Security, Motion Detector Alarm/Motion Sensor Alert, Protect Your Family and Property. When the Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors detected movement, it will send a wireless signal to the receiver and trigger the receiver to alarm and flash blue LED Light from up to 100m/328ft away.

About Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm for Home Security:-

  • Motion Sensor Alarm- The wireless PIR motion detector security sensors detect movement up to 16.5ft/5m within 0- 110 degrees. The transmitting range between the sensor. And the receiver supposed to <328ft/100m(no obstruction). When sensors detect motion, the plug-in receiver will instantly alarm and flash Blue LED light to timely remind you of visitors.
  • Door Entry Alert- The sensors supposed to install indoors to motion movement as they are not waterproof. The home security sensors set are ideal for front doors, windows, studios or anywhere you want to move. Also, suit for alerting business owners when customers entering the stores. It is simple to install the detectors anywhere you like with 3M tape and 360°rotatable wall mount.
  • Customized Alarm Chime- Features 36 unique ringtones and 5 adjustable volume(0-110dB). Customizing doorbell ring and volume to personal preference to meet your needs at different times and places. The LED light indicator flashes and doorbell melody rings to alert you of motion.
  • 2 Power Supply Mode&Premium Material- The sensors can supply power by 3*AAA batteries(included) or micro USB. (Not included, only for supplying power, not for charging). Made with premium fire-retardant materials, feel free to apply to your house and retail stores.
wireless pir motion detector


  1. Power Supply (PIR Sensor)- ( 3 x AAA Battery )(Included) Or USB power(Not included, only for supplying power, not for charging)
  2. Receiver Working Voltage- AC 110~240V, 50/60HZ
  3. Transmitting Frequency- 433.92 MHz ±0.5MHz
  4. Transmitting Range(Sensors and Receiver)- 100m/328ft (no obstruction)
  5. Motion detecting Range- 3-5 m/10-16.5ft
  6. Motion detecting Angle-110°
  7. Ringtones& Indicators- 36 Ringtones to choose & LED Indicators
  8. Ring Volume- 110-80-60-40-0db
  9. The 3*AAA Battery life- 12 months(10-15 times trigger each day)

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